I’ve never had the patience to grow my beard out for a full year. It’s usually around this point, six months, when I get annoyed and shave it off. Exciting, suspense-filled microblog updates. 0ED65854-7923-4B72-BDBD-DE9F1A159787.jpg

Pazuzu and me, exactly three years ago 40EC2001-7CCD-4757-B099-6EE7654A5F81.jpg

I switched off my baby Yoda doll in mid blink and now he’s stuck looking like he’s about to sneeze. 205E3264-15BE-4328-BE57-A64656E43C72.jpg

Well, I’ve done my part. Now I just hope the rest of America doesn’t f it up. AD4C0F3C-71A6-4DFB-B7B5-83C86C38219C.jpg

After watching the season opener of Discovery, I commented how it was bold to have an entire episode without a starship. Jason commented it was even more bold to have an entire episode without a white person. I hadn’t noticed! ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿป

I’m trying, at the moment, to read, for Halloween, The Turn of the Screw, as it is, in theory, a ghost story that has been, at times, declared a “classic,” but find, to my dismay, it difficult to discern, with the interlocutions, what each sentence is, it must be said, about.

A Day in the Life Oakland, California 2:40 PM Pacific. Blue skies are back over the Oakland hills, even if I’m rarely outside to see them. 07635605-2BC9-47E1-8479-B9A1289949C0.jpg

As recently as a year ago I dismissed Apple’s talk about privacy as just marketing spin on their desire to control the whole ecosystem. But I got a free Google Nest that I won’t even plug in because I’m wary of it.

I could setup a photo stream just to document the chaotic state of my beard after wearing a mask for ten minutes. B121C07B-A8C2-476F-A38D-D5416834AB4D.jpg

I really canโ€™t say enough about Piranesi by Susanna Clarke. My favorite ๐Ÿ“š in years. Among 1000 other wonderful things, itโ€™s a celebration of naievete with barely a hint of cynicism.

Pazuzu, wanting treats

Still figuring out how to resurrect my microblog. Trying without the WordPress-hosted step.