Every damn day, I sit down at my desk, take a drink of coffee, and give an exasperated sigh. Which blows drops of coffee from my mustache onto the computer screen. I am a beard fan but they are unquestionably an evolutionary mistake. 298C1495-7131-4B8F-B9C0-381B9D0CC0B1.jpg

I didn’t expect to start tearing up reading a list of executive actions, but here we are.

I can never remember when to use Matt Frewer or Matt Lesser.

Just got an email today from Twitter that they’d finally deleted my mother’s account, over six months after I requested it, and multiple attempts trying to upload copies of her death certificate with no response from them.

My car’s lease expires later this year and I don’t have a clear idea what to do next. Better to have an internal combustion car w/reasonable MPG that I can buy outright with cash, or an electric vehicle with ongoing monthly payments?

Chocolate haupia pie post Thanksgiving. 9/10 will continue eating. 0DA04AB2-E282-4F31-A168-7708DDDD8F10.jpg

The stock footage guy on television is really into Pazuzu. 8BBD0779-9219-4B03-A885-8392C4398916.jpg

The iOS photos widget is reminding me today of when I shaved my head bald six months ago. I knew right away I wouldn’t have the patience to keep it, but I still kind of dig it. 1F58A2B8-4DB7-4318-B6A3-C4A284755508.jpg

This will be the first year of my life I spend Christmas away from my family. I’m just so sad and angry that so much of the misery of 2020 was completely preventable.

I was having to edit a config file from a Terminal window last night, and I just instinctively used vi, and remembered all the key combos from muscle memory. I haven’t used vi since college, almost 30 years ago. I hate that it’s still taking space in my brain.

I’m torn between my desire to start bringing only positivity to the internet, and the fact that I just saw the trailer for a new live action Tom & Jerry movie.

I was impressed with how well the iPhone (12 Pro) night mode worked, even with my perpetually shaky hands. B2620D29-4729-4450-AAF7-8E857BCD6536.jpg

At the Field of Light exhibit in Paso Robles, CA D52DD9D4-1694-43FC-8177-14E3CF35CF3C.jpg

At the Apple store this afternoon, I thought that they’d appropriated the distancing markers from some Berkeley boutique wedding registry store called “Do I Do.” Then I realized I was rotated 90 degrees. D26090F2-359F-42E3-99DD-5EB9CA99C936.jpg

I’m starting to suspect that maybe Twitter isn’t the best platform for sober, thoughtful political analysis.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary last night by recreating our first date night the best we could in a pandemic. Every day I feel lucky that we found each other. D775E294-B8E0-4B2C-BCCB-A7924CDC4D2E.jpg

I have a little early-adopter anxiety for ordering one of the M1 13” MacBook Pros, but my current is one of the pre-refresh 2019 models with the lousy keyboard. Since NO ONE wants to buy it, it makes more sense to do an unnecessary upgrade!

People are freaking out and giving T-bags the attention he craves, AGAIN. The election is over. Making an allegation and then asking for evidence of it is blatantly stupid. Why do people believe the clowns who can’t stage a press conference will be able to stage a coup?

So… people are aware we don’t have to keep listening to awful people and responding to them anymore, right? Didn’t y’all see all the fireworks and drones last night?

It shouldn’t bring me to tears to hear a President pledging to build a coalition of scientists to fight a global pandemic, but here we are.

This week’s Mandalorian is the first time I’ve felt genuinely scared watching a Star Wars thing since Empire Strikes Back.

“Good Bones” by Maggie Smith is one of the few things able to cut through my sense of despair today. “This place could be beautiful, right?”

I’m happy to respectfully disagree with people on issues of politics. I refuse to be respectful to people who are wrong on issues of morality. And I’m tired of giving it a pass in the name of civility.

Still conscious of the fact that final results won’t come in for a while, but I’m just beyond disgusted that it’s even considered a close race.

My company gave everyone Election Day off as a paid holiday. Even though I already voted, I really needed the day off just to de-stress. I would’ve had an even harder time concentrating today than I do normally.